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Our ride is designed for trail riders looking for a fun riding experience within their skill base. Whilst trail riding is a fun sport, filled with freedom, it is also a high-risk activity, resulting in the need for rules to keep everyone safe.

Rules of Engagement – All participants, spectators, supporters, and volunteers are invited guests and are expected to follow the directions of the marshals and adhere to the safety rules listed below and those given at the Riders Safety Briefing.

  • NO DOGS or OTHER ANIMALS are permitted at this event.
  • Car park area – WALKING pace only. No Wheelies.
  • Safety Briefing – Do not enter the track until briefed at the start gate by a marshal. Your first lapis a look lap to identify and mitigate potential risks and hazards.
  • Stay on the marked tracks. Only take marked shortcuts. This is a one-way trail, no backtracking.
  • Ride within your capabilities and vision. Ride to the conditions.
  • Read all signs carefully and abide by each instruction.
  • No Main track riders permitted on the Mini track – This is for supervised riders ONLY, on 50ccbikes
  • Junior track riders on 80cc or less (or 4-stroke equivalent i.e. 110-140cc 4-stroke).
  • Adults may accompany minors on the Junior track if needed – Mind your speed.
  • Junior Track riders must have a parent/supervisor remain at the event.
  • All Mini riders must be actively supervised by parent/guardian over the age of 18. Nosupervisor, no entry.
  • All children brought with you to this event are your responsibility.
  • Give way to over-taking riders.
  • All roads are open – Riders must stop at all crossings. Marshals will assist when available.
  • Protective clothing – all riders must wear the correct safety gear when riding, including helmetand boots that cover the ankle (no gumboots). Gloves, goggles, knee pads, a kidney belt, along-sleeved top, long thick pants and body armour are strongly recommended. Ag farm stylehelmets are not accepted.
  • No side by sides permitted.
  • No pillion riders permitted. One rider per bike.
  • All motorbikes must be in sound condition structurally and mechanically, and will haveadequate mufflers, functional brakes, and good off-road tyres suitable for trail riding.
  • Fuel & equipment – Fill your tank before you leave the car park.
  • It is a fire safety requirement of the Rural Fire Authority that any fuel is to be stored in anapproved fuel container.
  • Breakdowns – If you break down, push your bike off the trail to a safe position, where you canbe seen. Wait for track marshal, ring base for assistance, or send another rider for help. Staywith your bike until a marshal arrives. Follow the directions of track marshals. Recovery of bikes will be subject to time, location and availability of resources.
  • Safety & rescue – We will have marshals who will sweep the track to enhance safety andprovide assistance as required. Only officials are to wear yellow and orange Hi-Viz clothing.
  • Injuries & accidents – A First Aid Response team (St John Ambulance) will be on-site. If you areinjured, stay with your bike until you are found by a marshal or the First Aid Response team. Tryto make yourself safe and comfortable. Any rider that comes across an accident scene muststop, assist the injured rider and secure the accident scene; ensure that oncoming riders cannothit the injured person or bystanders, and call the Event Emergency Phone Number on yourwristband for help. If a phone call is not possible, send another rider to get medical help.
  • If you think you have been reported as injured but make it back to base, please report to theRegistration Tent to inform officials.
  • Ambulance – Due to the isolation of the event and the potential high cost of emergencyambulance services, it is strongly recommended that all attendees be a member of the St JohnSupporter Scheme.
  • Change of conditions – The organisers and officials reserve the right to add to, alter, or changeany factors relating to the ride at any stage up to, and including, the day of the ride without priorconsent or notification, e.g. closing the track early due to concerns for the safety of ridersand/or officials.
  • Interpretation of rules – In any dispute as to the interpretation of any rule, the decision of theorganisers and marshals is final.
  • Claims – Any entrant’s claim is limited to the amount of entry fee paid.
  • Insurance – Event insurance does not extend to participants personal liability.
  • Light no fires.
  • Please take your rubbish & recycling home. Leave nothing but your track prints

The officials reserve the right, without explanation, to refuse admission to, or eject any person(s) whose conduct is deemed to be disorderly, whose language is vulgar, or who fails to comply with these or any other event rules. 

TRACK Signs: 

  • Single arrows: Directional guide
  • Double down arrows: Caution required, slow down, major hazard ahead (i.e. drop off, steep hill, sharp turn, merge, bog hole (or any combination) etc.)
  • Merging arrows: Two trails joining, slow down now!  
  • Crosses: Wrong way.

Ride to your ability. Be considerate of others.  See an official/marshal with any questions or enquiries. Have Fun.